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McKnight Gallery Knoxville, TN
Kaitlyn McKnight Tattoo Artist FLETC
Verified Tattoo Artist Black Lotus

Kaitlyn McKnight

Hourly Rate: $150 hr

Average Wait Time: 1 Month

Skip The Wait Available: $250 + Normal Hourly Rate

*Some Smaller Pieces Can Be Quoted A Set Price*

Favorite Tattoo Style: Fine Line, Anime, Cat, Stipple, Feminine, Witchy and Mandala

Kaitlyn McKnight Instagram


Meet Kaitlyn McKnight, the very tiny, pale and tattooed ginger straight outta NY! She is armed with a degree in biology from Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA where she also studied environmental science, mainly for the 3 month trip to Ireland they offered. Kaitlyn’s journey took a turn when she discovered her knack for kneading knots as a massage therapist. But fate had other plans written in ink for her!


Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Kaitlyn dazzling clients with her purr-fectly crafted cat tattoos (thanks to her four feline fam members cheering her on). She's an anime aficionado, who sprinkles her designs with oodles of otaku charm, making every tattoo session feel like a lively convention!

Kaitlyn also loves spending time with her husband, whos idea of a wild Friday night is lecturing her and their pets on the ways of the Roman Empire. 


When she’s not turning skin into a canvas, she's off gallivanting through forests and mountains, or on a quest for the next great cuddling positions with her 4 cats and dog. With her boundless energy and quirky sense of humor, Kaitlyn is the embodiment of living life colorfully—both on and off the tattoo chair!

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