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McKnight Gallery Knoxville, TN
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Verified Tattoo Artist Knoxville

Nick McKnight

Hourly Rate: $250 hr

Average Wait Time: 8-12 Months

Skip The Wait Available: $1500 - 4 Hour Session

*Some Smaller Pieces Can Be Quoted A Set Price*


Favorite Tattoo Style: Nature, Animals, Nerdy, Pop Culture, Anime, Black & Grey 

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Meet Nick McKnight, the ink-slinging sensei who was born with a tattoo machine in one hand and a hammer in the other, he has 16 years of tattooing sorcery under his belt. You can watch his dazzling face on Inkmaster season 2,3, Inkmaster Redemption season 1,4 and finally as the winner of Inkmaster Cupid's Ink. Nick’s specialty lies in crafting mind-blowing realism tattoos that leave jaws dropped and hearts inked with admiration.


But wait, there’s more to this colorful character than meets the eye! When he’s not wielding his tattoo machine like a magical wand, Nick channels his inner artist through the lens of his camera, capturing love stories, weddings and more with all the charm of a paparazzi master. He loves spending time with his pale, very small, ginger wife who's last name he took when they got married (because he lost the game of rock, paper, scissors)


Nick grew up building and renovating homes with his step-dad, but after graduating realized that drawing pictures was a lot easier than carpentry so he decided to become a tattoo artist. Though he still tinkers in real estate and loves building custom interiors his soul is in hand-crafted art.

When the creative whirlwind settles, Nick dives into the world of Magic: The Gathering, casting spells and summoning fun with friends. And as an avid adventurer, you’ll often find him hiking a mountain, dirt-biking through the woods or going wherever the tides may take him.

And let’s not forget his furry entourage! With four feline comrades and a trusty Shiba Inu sidekick, Nick’s life is a bustling menagerie of love, fur and mischief.

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