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McKnight Gallery Knoxville, TN

We Are Dedicated To You

And Your Story

- 3rd Party Tested Inks -
- Doctor Developed Methods -
- Surgical Grade Training -
- Aftercare Included -
- Touch Ups On Us -

*We Never Use Saran Wrap As Bandage*

We believe in art, in creative expression, and we believe everyone has the right to appreciate it, on a wall, on a canvas or on skin. The tattoos you wear are permanent so we believe that a high quality piece is its own reward.


We believe in creating community around those tattoos, a place where artists and art lovers can come together.

We believe the best part is giving you another reason to love your body.


We utilize the highest quality and safest tattooing methods during every procedure. As of writing this we are the only studio in the state utilizing 3rd party safety tested tattoo inks, so you can trust that the process will be safe, sterile, vegan, cruelty free and won't cause any long term health issues.

(View The Ink Testing Results Here)


 We ensure that every tattoo is performed in accordance with rigorous hospital grade surgical requirements developed in collaboration with Dr Donna Fraser DDS.

We will never cover your fresh tattoo with Saran Wrap or any other food-grade wrappings meant for leftovers. We also don't use tap water for any procedure. We won't even drink the stuff, let alone inject it into your skin.


We welcome anyone who feels inspired by what we do and the way we do it.

We know the best work is born of collaboration and learning from one another. Whether you want something small and simple, or something as large as a back piece. We will walk you through every option. You will get the same attention and quality no matter what.

It's our way of life and we want you to be a part of it. 

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